The light & shadow series is a series of articles on the light and shadow aspects of the individual cards. The reason why I started writing it was that I’ve been asked so many times whether a specific card was “a positive card or a negative card”. And I’ve never been able to give a quick answer. For even cards that seem exclusively positive at first glance can have negative implications, and seemingly negative cards, positive implications. And we need  to look at the context of a reading to determine if a card’s light aspects or its shadow aspects should prevail in our interpretation. So the light & shadow series is to demonstrate that card reading is never a black-and-white issue. The links below lead to the articles I’ve written so far. Note that if you aren’t yet familiar with my interpretations of the cards you might want to read up on their general meanings before you continue with the respective articles.

Rider  Clover  Ship  House  Tree  Clouds  Snake  Coffin  Bouquet  Scythe  Whip  Birds   Child

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