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Many Lenormand readers see the Stars as an auspicious card; a card that promises positive future developments, represents productive issues, almost no matter what. I personally disagree with such an excessively positive assessment of the Stars.

stars-detail1Yes, when the Stars turn up in a reading, they do often represent very productive, positive, issues and goings-on. Finding meaning in something, having a higher purpose, can be very productive if it helps us weather through difficult situations. Having hope can be productive, as it is often hope that enables us to keep going, that gives us the energy to keep working hard towards a goal. The ability to trust is very important for forming healthy relationships – so trusting someone is quite likely to be a good thing if this person has so far proven themselves to be worthy of our trust.
stars-detail8If we draw the Stars for a person whose thinking and acting is lacklustre, who contents themselves with too little, or is timid, then the Stars probably say that for this person, thinking more about what their ideals are, developing a vision, daring to reach for the stars, would be good and productive.
Imagination, likewise, can be a very positive thing especially if it appears as creativity;  if the Stars are drawn for a context in which fancifulness, imaginativeness would be of help to break out of an overly narrow, constricted view or approach.

stars-detail5On the other hand, the Stars can represent unproductive, negative, issues and goings-on, too.
While seeing meaning in something, supposing a higher purpose, might help us weather through difficult situations, we could also come out worse in the end if we later discover that our assumptions were not founded in reality – or were even founded in a lie. Especially assuming an objective meaning or purpose, or unquestioningly adopting a purpose from an outside source, could turn out to be rather harmful.
Yes, keeping up hope can be productive, especially if there is still good reason to hope. But if there is not, clinging to hope will make us act in a way that does not correspond with reality. And that’s very likely to become destructive very quickly. Similarly, while the ability to trust is very important for forming healthy relationships, it can be detrimental to trust when trust is not deserved. If the Stars are drawn for a person who is gullible (or very desperate for love), they probably represent blind faith – which can be very dangerous.
stars-detail9And yes, having ideals (or visions) can be productive, because having ideals makes us strive for betterment. But if our ideals are unrealistic, striving for them uncompromisingly can become harmful – and if the Stars represent the idealisation of something or someone this is definitely not a good thing, either. If we draw the Stars for a person who is wont to have unrealistic expectations, to misjudge what’s possible, to overestimate their abilities, reaching for the stars is likely to end in misery for them.
While a healthy imagination may help a person to be creative in their acting and thinking, it can also make them predisposed for escapism and daydreams. Neither of those are necessarily bad – but if someone spends a lot of time disengaging from reality, this will become harmful. And if an overly active imagination makes us believe untrue things were real, than that’s dangerous.