September 13th, 2017:

Things are beginning to fall into place! On Monday I sent the print data to my printing shop. Now I’ll have to wait for about a week for them to check the data for faults and then send me a trial proof: one or two big sheets of paper with all the cards printed on them. I’m a bit apprehensive about this trial proof because it isn’t unlikely that I’ll then have to revise some of the cards quite a bit – the contrast, saturation, colour balance, etc., not the designs themselves! If I have to make major changes I’ll ask for a second trial proof. I’ll want to make sure the revisions were not overdone.
Today, I want to present the design of the box! I kept it close to my Tarot deck’s box so the two decks will look like they belong with each other, like sisters.  Here is the lid:


… and here’s the bottom!


In case you are wondering: The address in the bottom right corner is not mine! It’s the printing shop’s. It’s on the box because EU regulations require a postal address costumers can write snail mail to – and I didn’t want to publish my own address in print. (I probably don’t have to mention that if you have questions don’t snail mail the printing shop; email me!) EU regulations also required the CE symbol thingy which is letting you know that the box and cards fulfil the standards stipulated for this type of product. No idea what these standards are. But what I can tell you is that there won’t be any child labour involved nor inhumane working conditions because the box and cards will be made in Germany by adult Germans. So that’s already pretty good.