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introduction to the anna.k lenormand

The Anna.K Lenormand deck contains the 36 cards found in all conventional Petit Lenormand decks plus 4 additional cards. Here they all are:


If you want to read up on the individual cards’ meanings you can follow the links given >> here wheras the links on >> this page will lead you to the combination meanings.
Please go to my website for more information on the deck. For example:


17 thoughts on “introduction to the anna.k lenormand

  1. Hi Anna ,
    Please have time to reply me regarding my recent purchased which I received it today but there was a mistake in packaging . Greatly appreciated.



    1. Dear Brigette, I’m sorry about the mistake; but I’m sure it will be easy to correct! I received your email, too, and already replied per email – please check your inbox.


  2. I would very much like to buy the Lenormand deck. The site is not working, are you still selling it.?.
    Please advise.
    Thank you kindly,
    Robin Harank


    1. Dear Robin,
      thank you for your interest in my Lenormand deck! Yes, I still sell it; I’m not sure what you mean by “the site is not working” as both my website and the shop on it are working fine (I just checked, just in case). Maybe try again, or let me know where exactly you are having problems.
      Best wishes,


      1. Dear Anna,
        I am unsure exactly why I was having such difficulty but I’m happy to say the link did put me thru and I was able to order the deck. Yay! As soon as I hit the order button for the deck it took me to PayPal and there was no way for me to update the shipping for faster delivery. Can you give me an estimate for delivery time.?.
        Thank you for your reply and access to this BEAUTIFUL deck.
        Have a lovely day, 😊
        Robin Harank


        1. Dear Robin, thank you, I have received your order! If you wish to change the shipping method to priority mail I could send you a PayPal invoice for additional 3 Euros. Economy shipping is estimated to take 10-20 work days, priority shipping 6-10 work days. Often those estimates are true, sometimes, shippings can take a bit longer.
          Warmest wishes,


    1. Dear Asha Light,
      I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “norm and Zach” – I apologise, I’m not a native speaker and sometimes I don’t understand idioms used by native speakers. But I gathered that you are interested in buying my Lenormand? Please go to my contact page and write to me using that form; I can then reply to you privately via email. Especially, let me know in which country you live, because due to the pandemic I cannot ship to all countries.


    1. A pdf as in “a pdf document that contains the combination meanings shown on my website”? There is none. But as long as you use it only privately and don’t distribute it any further, you are welcome to create one yourself!


    1. De la magazinul ei online, cauta referinte despre “shop” sau da click pe cuvintul “shop” din raspunsul pentru Robin Harank pe pagina asta, un pic mai sus.

      Anna, she was asking where she can purchase your cards 🙂


    1. Dear Alain,   from my website, here: webshop. Scroll down for buying the Tarot as well and for shipping options.   Best wishes, Anna           Anna.K Blogs <> h


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