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articles about the anna.k lenormand

index of articles


  1. Introduction to the blog
  2. Introduction to the anna.k lenormand deck – view all cards
  3. Looking for instructions to learn card reading? They can be found >> here, on my website!


about individual cards’ artwork


reading techniques





  • Light & Shadow: A series of articles about the productive and unproductive aspects of each card, about how even cards that at first glance seem without exception positive can have negative implications, and negative cards, positive implications. Demonstrates how the context of a reading determines whether a card’s negative or positive interpretations prevail. In progress.
  • Lenormand vs. Tarot: An open-end series of loosely connected articles about the differences and similarities between Tarot and Lenormand.



  • The good mood kitty post – with lots of kitty and a bit about my Wild Card.
  • What next? I’ve been looking for new topics I could write about regularly, in a series format. Any ideas? Input welcome!



  • This link opens a list of all blog posts reporting news/updates.


open thread / guest book

  • The Birdhouse is an open thread for off-topic comments, discussions, and questions. It’s also a meeting place where commenters are welcome to chat among each other.


Q&A – questions from readers

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