Wild Card

One conspicuous feature of the Wild Card are the pictures in their golden frames. Because in the actual, printed card these pictures are so small that they are a bit hard to see, I’d like to offer a few close-ups and explanations here.
In general, the picture frames and their contents visualise that the Joker can stand for any issue we want them to, for any issue we maybe should pay attention to but don’t pay attention to, yet. And to visualise that even issues we try our best to ignore will still start to leak into our consciousness whether we want them to or not, I had some of the paintings “leak over their frames” into the Joker’s cosy room.

Most wildcard-detail4obviously, so much sand has already been trickling out of the painting in the top right corner that it has begun to turn the Joker’s room into the same type of sand dune.
wildcard-detail17This sand dune, by the way, was part of the first version of the Anna.K Lenormand Sun! This first version showed a peaceful sandy beach, with a person made of sand lying smiling, looking up at a glowing sun. It was quite lovely, but it really wasn’t a good Sun. So I ended up discarding that version – but I was very happy when I found a place for it in the Wild Card.

wildcard-detail1In the top left corner of the Wild Card, there is a picture of a stormy sea and a mountain – these are taken from the Ship card. So this picture frame could be speaking of the things which are in motion, of things that we are exploring. Droplets sprinkle over the frame and towards the two oval picture frames to its right.
wildcard-detail2The bigger one of these two oval frames shows a similar “trees and fog” landscape as seen in the Tower and the Key. In both cards, the fog represents formerly unclear things we have learned to clear / understand. Here, the fog creeps out of the frame – maybe representing things that are still unclear. wildcard-detail3The smaller oval frame shows  glowing sunlight which emanates beyond the frame.  Just as the Sun card, it could represent growing clarity, conspicuity.

wildcard-detail15If you are familiar with my two Men and Women you’ve probably already noticed that the blooming trees in the backgrounds of these cards also show up in the long picture frame behind the Joker’s head in the Wild Card. I wanted the blooming trees to feature in the Wild Card, too, to directly connect the Joker with the other person cards.

wildcard-detail16There are several picture frames to the Joker’s right. With one of them, only the back is visible. Three of them show small sections of their front.
The first one shows clouds, and in this context, to me they hint at dullness. For in contrast, behind them, the second frame shows the same pomegranates that also feature in the Snake card. wildcard-detail5These pomegranates represent desire and ambition. If you look closely (at the whole Wild Card), one berry has rolled outside of the frame.
The third painting shows parts of the a house – you can clearly see that it very closely resembles the one in the House card. So this picture frame could be representing our home and family.

wildcard-detail18To the Jokers left, there is a rather richly carved picture frame containing fish – one of them is jumping out of the frame. In the Fish card, the fish represent fulfilment, profit, wealth. wildcard-detail14So the frame with the fish in it maybe speaks of those things in our life of which we have plenty.
The frame lying on the floor right underneath it points at the opposite: at that of which we have too little. It shows a scene taken from the Mice card, including two mice. One has already climbed over the frame, ready to enter the Joker’s room, possibly about to nibble away at the other frames, too.

00-wildcard-extra-gespwildcard-detail12The biggest picture frame shows a larger-than-life cat. It represents the unknown factor, things which are yet unrealised or indeterminable. The large cat’s realness is even more ambivalent than what the other picture frames show. She can either be seen as just an overdimensioned painting of a normal sized cat, in which case hers is just one painting among many. Or, she can be seen as an actual living cat. Especially if you flip the card it seems as if a gigantic wild cat was looking in from a skylight.

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