A lady asked me whether I meant for the bunny the Child is holding to be just a toy bunny or whether I wanted to allude to “the real-life cruelty that children often demonstrate (even if unwittingly)”.

Here is what I replied:

“The rabbit is a toy rabbit, not a real one that the child is mistreating with that (sometimes unwitting) cruelty you mentioned children can show. BUT: it was not an accident that the child is holding the bunnie by the ears, and not very gently. I DID want to express that children will at times (sometimes without realising it and sometimes on purpose) treat things or other people (even those that are dear to them) in a way that is not very careful, or caring, or loving – because they are too inexperienced, too naive, to be aware of the seriousness of the consequences of such behaviour. This is one aspect of the Child card for me: To me the card can represent irresponsible, uncaring behaviour which is caused by someone’s naivité, by their “simply not knowing better”. If I had a combination of the the Child with the Whip, that would make me very likely to pick that interpretation. But otherwise it’s just a tiny aspect of the card, one of many, many possible meanings. In most readings, I just view the rabbit as an insignificant acessoire.”