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Comments are enabled for my blog posts – for the time being. I have no idea how much traffic this blog will get, how many comments there will be, and if I’ll be able to manage them  – I’m not a social media kind of person and get stressed easily.  It’s an experiment I’m cautiously happy to make but I might end it quickly if things go awry.

For now, here are the House Rules:

  • In your comments please be polite and, in case you disagree, gentle, both to other commenters and me.
  • Personal insults and foul language will get the commenter blocked. Body shaming, racism, sexism and ableism (and other -isms I don’t like but didn’t mention) will get the commenter blocked.
  • Flames will get the commenter blocked. It’s simple: If you don’t like my deck, don’t read the blog. I’m running it so people who actually like my Lenormand deck can read and discuss new content on it. It’s of course okay if you don’t agree with me on all points. Alternative views and well-intentioned questioning are welcome. However, if a large part of what you have to contribute consists in saying that you don’t like my deck or think my interpretations are wrong I will eventually block you. Again, this Blog is meant for people who, on the whole, like my deck.
  • Comments that obviously derail the conversation will be deleted, and if they try derailing again the poster will be blocked. If a blog post discusses topic X, comments should relate to that topic.
  • For off-topic comments and questions, there is an open thread called The Birdhouse. That’s also a place where commenters are especially welcome to chat among each other!
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