Dear Readers,

the Light and Shadow Series is nearing its finishing line: its last six installments are already scheduled. The Lenormand vs. Tarot Series was always to be an open-end series I plan to add to only if and when inspiration strikes. The same goes for reading techniques and other topics – I write a new blog post when there is a recent catalyst.

So I’ve been looking for new topics I could write about regularly, in a series format. One idea I had was to start expanding – or rather: completing! – my combination meanings. If you are familiar with my website, you know that the combination meanings I list there are not exhaustive but just examples; they are whatever I came up with first, on the spur of the moment. So I’ve been thinking about starting a “Combinations Complete” series, in which I tackle one pair of cards at a time, and try to create all possible combination meanings for that pair.
Is this something that would be of interest to you? And if yes, do you have specific cards you’d like me to start with because you’ve always found them difficult to combine?

portraet2Or maybe there are other topics you’d like me to write about? Please let me know in the comments. I would welcome some inspiration!

Warmest (or, this summer, maybe rather: coolest?) wishes,