You can read an introduction to the light & shadow series and find links to its other installments >> here! If you aren’t yet familiar with my interpretation of the House you might want to read up on its meanings before you continue with this article.


house-detail3The House can suggest productive or positive issues and goings-on if the person the reading relates to could use more regularity in their life.  To such a person the House can say that it would be a good thing to establish some rules, develop some (healthy) habits, because they would give their life some welcome stability. The House can advise us to make a plan, so we can feel safe and lower the risk of unwanted outcomes.
Furthermore, the House may ask us to try to preserve certain things in our life – for the sake of continuity, and when they are good as they are.  It can tell us that it might be a good idea to look to tradition, to already established costums, as guidelines, as house-detail13anchors, in difficult times or complex situations.
If the querent has a very busy social or work life, or has recently been dealing with a lot of change, the House can mean that it would be a good idea to withdraw at least for a while, to go and enjoy some privacy at home; to at least for a while try to keep things as they are, to prevent any more change – to surround oneself with that which is comfortingly familiar.

house-detail14On the other hand, the House often suggests unproductive, negative issues and goings-on  if the person the card relates to is rigidly conservative, fearful of the unfamiliar, or obsessively private.
Here, the House can be a warning that the querent is so fixated on pre-made plans that they have lost the ability to be spontaneous. It can warn them that their compulsion to always choose the safest option is hindering them to live life to the fullest.
house-detail9An absolute adherence to tradition can keep someone from looking after their individual needs and abilities, and rigid  conservatism will make them overlook even such innovations which could make their life so much better. The House can suggest that someone discards or negatively values something simply because it is new or unfamiliar.