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In the case of most predominantly “negative” cards, it hasn’t been too difficult for me to still see at least a few positive implications, too. But in the case of the Mice, I’ve had a hard time with that. The Mice is, in my view, the only card in the Lenormand deck, which – in and of itself – has no mitigating factors whatsoever. Just as the infestation of your house with mice has nothing positive about it,  all of the the Mice’s meanings are negative. There are only a few very small “buts” and just one big “but”. The first, I’ll address when speaking about the negative issues the card represents, the latter, I’ll address separately in the last paragraph.

mice-detail1At first, I’d like to address the many unproductive, negative, issues and goings-on the Mice represent, and the few small (and very conditional) “buts” contained therein.
Dwindling, deficiency, depletion for example are all unpleasant or even harmful. They all say, negatively, that there is too little of something of which there should be more. The only exception I see is in the case of “dwindling” – on the condition that you understand the word in the sense of a more neutral “reduction”. Then, if the Mice relate to something negative, the card could mean that this negative thing is being reduced (e.g. “sadness is reduced”) – which would be a good thing.
Even more difficult to bend into something positive is the next of the Mice’s meanings: decay, destruction, and losses. They are all inherently negative. The only way I can semice-detail2e how you would experience them as something good would be in cases in which you gloat over the fact that they happen to others; where you’re happy that someone you hate loses what was dear to them, that something you thought was ugly is destroyed, or are glad that your competition is more flawed than you yourself. However, while gloating can be a “positive” experience for the person who does the gloating, I very much doubt it is a productive, healthy thing for them to do.
The next dimension of meanings, disease, filth, and corruption are just as obviously negative, as are the traditionally often used theft, sneakiness, and “things going on behind someone’s back”.  Yes, with some effort you could construct contexts in which stealing something, or doing something behind someone’s back, are morally justified. It’s just that the likelihood of such contexts being true for your readings isn’t exactly very high. So this dimension of the Mice’s meanings, too, can be said to bemice-detail5negative on the whole.

To sum it up: Apart from very, very rare cases, the Mice will represent  unpleasant things, and usually things which are also unproductive – as long as they are allowed to remain as they are. However, this is exactly why the Mice, while their meanings are very negative, can still be a productive card to draw. For the Mice can force us to confront and thus in a second step get rid of unwholesome aspects of our life! Yes, that’s not a pleasant process. But in the end, we will be rewarded with a much healthier, happier life. And in my view, that would be the whole purpose of reading the cards in the first place: to find out how we can make our life better.