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02-clover-hummelfell-grossThe Clover suggests productive, positive, issues and goings-on if we interpret the card on the assumption that the querent is generally a responsible, conscientious person. Then, the Clover stands for times of well-deserved ease and lightness. Someone who always takes everything seriously the Clover advises to stop worrying for once, to not take something so seriously. To a perfectionist with exaggerated performance orientation the Clover says that it is okay to just have fun with something; that dabbling in something, playing around with something without the goal of becoming an expert at it is a good thing to do.  And if the Clover relates to someone who is overburdened, who is taking on responsibilities too heavy for them, the card definitely advises to shake off unnecessary burdens.  The Clover can stand for a person who is good company because they are funny and easygoing.

02-clover-bluete-grossOn the other hand, the Clover suggests unproductive, negative issues and goings-on  if we interpret the card on the assumption that the querent lacks ambition, is wont to shirk their duties or wont to avoid hard work even when it’s necessary. Then, the card warns of irresponsibility. It says that someone is not doing their part, is having a good and easy time on the costs of others who have to take over duties that shouldn’t be theirs. It says that someone is only ever dabbling in things, always only playing around – and because they avoid the hard work necessary for becoming truly good at something, they’ll never be. The Clover can stand for a person who is bad company because they never take anything seriously even if it is serious; for someone who will leave us as soon as things become difficult.