You can read an introduction to the light & shadow series and find links to its other installments >> here! If you aren’t yet familiar with my interpretation of the Rider you might want to read up on its meanings before you continue with this article.


This first card in the Lenormand deck, the Rider, is in my view a clearly ambivalent card. Whether we’ll be glad or disgruntled to see change, action, and zeal, in our reading, or whether the intervention the Rider can represent is productive or unproductive, very obviously depends on the context.

rider-detail8The Rider suggests productive, positive, issues and goings-on if we consider that taking action, or change that happens, often is a good thing. If we are stuck or bored, or overly passive and lazy, the Rider in our reading probably represents welcome change, welcome news, or asks us to take things into our own hands, stop procrastinating and start tackling things. The Rider can represent the passionate zeal that is needed if we want to get difficult things done.
rider-detail10Also, if the reading is about an insecure kind of person, someone who is always trying to be inconspicuous, never dares asking for what they want, the Rider might be advising them to dare attract attention, dare approach others confidently. He can stand for the important ability to make one’s voice heard, one’s presence known, demand that one’s needs are met.
And finally, sometimes the ability to be in-your-face about something is important. The Rider can stand for someone who is able to step in when it’s necessary.

rider-detail7On the other hand, the Rider suggests unproductive, negative issues and goings-on  if we consider that our own or other people’s actions, or change that happens, can be unwelcome, or have painful consequences.
If the querent is a very passionate and at the same time hectic and inattentive person the Rider is likely warning them that they are rushing or forcing things. While a certain degree of zeal is necessary to get important things done, too much of it can make us forget about the restrictions of reality, or overstep other people’s boundaries.
rider-detail11If the reading is about an overly confident person, with a very dominant personality, the Rider might be warning them that they are applying too much pressure, or imposing on others, meddling with things that are none of their business.
Finally, the Rider can warn us about someone who will invade or steamroll us if we don’t assert ourselves.