I designed Anna.K Lenormand mugs!

You love your cup of tea or coffee? And you are a fan of my Lenormand cards? Now you can combine both passions! You can purchase coffee/tea mugs with Anna.K Lenormand cards printed on them. They are available in my Anna.K Lenormand store on zazzle.

I actually had so much fun with designing these beautiful mugs that I went a bit overboard and designed a mug for each of my 40 cards. There’s a Rider Mug, a Clover Mug, a Ship Mug – a mug for every card, right up to the Cross and the Wild Card! So you’ll definitely find your favourite card(s) represented.

Here’s an example of the Rider Mug – click on the link to go to the product page on zazzle, where you’ll be able to get a 360° view of the mug:

: There’s also text on the mugs! Keywords in some cases, inspirational/funny words or sayings on others. If you like these keywords/sayings, you can buy the mugs exactly the way I designed them. But the texts can be customised! You can delete them if you prefer your mugs without any writing. And you can replace them with keywords or quotes of your own. If the mug is a present for someone, you might want to write their name on the mug, or “happy birthday” or “world’s best card reader” – whatever you wish! Likewise, the colour of the mugs’ glazing (inside and handle) can also be customised, if you don’t agree with the colour I’ve chosen. There are 10 different colours to choose from.

Most of my mugs feature one card only – printed on the mug two times, one time each on either side of the handle. But here is one of the Lily Mugs I designed. At first glance it features Virtuous Lily only. But if you go to the product page on zazzle you’ll be able to turn the Mug around and see that on the other side of the handle, I put Sensual Lily:

Regarding the person cards:
I also designed mugs with my Men and Women cards on them. Some of these mugs feature only one Man, or one Woman card. But several feature two different person cards – I made a mug for all possible combinations! Here’s one example of the Mug that features Woman version 1 and Woman version 2:

In the case of the person card mugs especially you might want to customise the writing on the mugs! You could replace my keywords with different ones – or, you might want to replace them with the names of the real-life people the Men/Women represent to you (e.g. your own name, and the name of your friend or lover).

Special wishes / other products with my cards on them: If you would like me to design a new mug (e.g. two different cards on one mug), specially for you, this is an option I’m willing to consider, depending on how complicated it would be to design what you want. Contact me about it! Likewise, if there is a different product (e.g. greeting card, kitchen apron, i-phone cover etc.) you would like me to design, contact me, and I will see what I can do!