I don’t read the cards for myself often – in most situations I already know what to do, what I want, how I feel. So I don’t usually need the cards for problem-solving, for answering questions. But sometimes I need them to comfort me – and that happened recently. I broke up with my boyfriend, and it hurts, and I’m angry, and I feel let down and alone in a way even my wonderful friends can’t fully assuage. So I reached out to the cards, telling them I wanted comfort. Here are the cards I drew:

The Tree
comforted me because it reminded me to look at what is really there, now. Spring is coming; the birds have started to sing in the mornings, the sunlight is getting warmer, days are noticeably getting longer. Paying attention to nature has helped me tremendously as it makes me turn away from obsessive thoughts, and the hurt and angry feelings these thoughts trigger. And paying attention to my own nature – my body – does the same: it makes me focus on physical sensations I have now, and thus, takes me right into the present moment – in which there is no reason to be hurt and angry anymore (that’s only happening in the past now!). I’ve found a lot of peace in turning my attention to nature and my own body.

Lily+Ring told me why the Tree was such a comfort – and they also gave me the advice how to proceed. Lily+Ring says focusing on nature, be it the nature around me, or my own, (Tree), helps me connect (Ring) with that part of me that is always inherently peaceful and free of turmoil (Lily). Interpreted as advice, Lily+Ring says that to feel comforted I need to commit (Ring) to my own peacefulness (Lily) – and this means that when I start brooding, or pore over “what ifs”, or my Ex’s reasons for acting the way he did, or getting worried if he is unwell now – I need to have self-discipline and stop doing all that and instead go back to what makes me peaceful: the physical world, nature; around me, and within me.

So my 3-Card String did, beautifully, what I asked of it: it helped me find comfort by reminding me to stick with that in which I’ve always found peace: the physical realities of life.