November 15th, 2017:

We are almost at the finishing line now! The printing shop gave me an estimated printing/delivery date a while ago but I waited for them to confirm it a bit closer to the date before I announced it here. To make it short: It looks a lot like the cards will be delivered to me around the 10th of December. This is a bit later than I would have liked, but if there are no further delays I should be able to post early orders a couple of days later, which would make most orders arrive just in time for Christmas – if the postal services don’t mess it up.

A few people have already asked when I will start pre-orders. Now I finally have an answer: I will start pre-orders next Monday! I only need to figure out the logistics of the PayPal shopping cart button (so people who want to can order both my Lenormand and my Tarot in one go).

If you aren’t on my newsletter keep an eye out for the pre-order announcement here on my blog; I’ll link to the buying page from there.